Olga Buzova is preparing for motherhood

Ольга Бузова готовится к материнству

The star of “House-2” Olga Buzova will become a mother soon. The presenter has not yet pregnant, but the situation should change in the near future.

Their willingness to motherhood Buzova told in the social network. There Olga admitted that when she married, she didn’t planned to have children. At first she wanted to make sure that you have made a choice in favor of the right men and need her. now that there’s no doubt that Dmitri Tarasov is her mate, ready to give birth to His first child.

“In five years, the relationships we were able to fully enjoy each other and realize that I made the right choice. Believe me, this approach is much better than to quickly get married, just to have a baby, disappointed in the man, divorce her, find another and repeat the process. In such situations, the children suffer. I’ve always wanted to live life with one man. Now Dima came to the conclusion that we can give our love to someone else. All the time,” – said TV presenter.

“Sure, I still experience the awe of a newborn might not exactly time. But again, all the time. Of course, my husband and I in the house will live on not only dogs,” the girl added.