Olga Buzova is planning the birth of a child

Ольга Бузова планирует рождение ребенка The presenter stated that the next thing she will think after the beautification of your own home, will be children. Olga Buzova tired from the constant questions from fans about the new addition to the family. Celebrity believes that everything has its time.

      Ольга Бузова планирует рождение ребенка

      Popular TV presenter Olga Buzova four years ago married footballer Dmitry Tarasov. Now Olga admits that she is infinitely happy in the marriage and never ceases to marvel at her husband. Fans are touched by the touching relationship between Olga and Dmitri, and wait, and when in the star family will have heirs. But the TV presenter sensible approach to the issue of having kids and thinks that all the time.

      “There are no parameters, what, who and when must do. We are a good family and a future. We have been through all the stages. The first year was building relationships. Then – wedding. Now bought a house, engaged in the improvement of their nest. The next step is kids! We live one hundred percent!” – boldly stated Olga.

      The presenter also notes that it is very annoying when strangers try to interfere in her personal life and constantly asking her rude questions. Now Olga humping his own career – working in television, starring in the TV series, and also produces its own brand of clothing. Nevertheless, despite his busy schedule, the couple is constantly spoiling each other’s surprises. On the anniversary of Olga Dmitry threw a great celebration and gathered all the friends and relatives of his wife. Buzova, in turn, also organized a half-a luxury holiday.

      Olga admits that his acquaintance with Dmitry completely changed her life. “I still believe that this was fate. I just arrived to her friend, not knowing who you are and what you do. The next day I realized that I wanted to see you again, and again, and again. Sleepless nights, talking until seven in the morning on the phone. Every evening we met in the cafe and then to the morning still was on the phone. I didn’t know what was happening. I was just giving vent to his feelings, and allowed to do with it what you want” remembered television presenter.

      Apparently, Dmitry became Buzovoy of this support. But the wife trying to support her husband in responsible competitions. And when on the football field plays Dmitri, and in the stands screaming: “bousov”, Olga sees this as love for her person.

      “When he takes the field, he goes out to play. What there screaming… you Know, provocation can be a huge amount. We treat with humor. Sometimes, someone says so, but it’s because you love me,” said Olga edition ProZvezd.

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