Olga Buzova is credited with an affair with a businessman, who bought her restaurant

Ольге Бузовой приписывают роман с бизнесменом, купившим ей ресторан Discussing fan stars. According to the producer Leonid Zuniga, Olga Buzova helps powerful man, since she would be unable to earn enough money to open a café in the center of Moscow.
Ольге Бузовой приписывают роман с бизнесменом, купившим ей ресторан

The crowd of fans, red carpet, the successful fashion brand and its own restaurant in the heart of the capital – a dream come true Olga Buzova not regret neither forces, nor time, nor money. In early June, the TV presenter put on a spectacular event to celebrate the opening of café Buzfood, which is located on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. More than five thousand fans came to taste the dishes, which that day was served absolutely free.

By the way, rent of premises for this establishment is very expensive. Some people who have worked many years in show business, I think that Olga could not afford the luxury even with its impressive income. The former concert Director of the group “Tatu” Leonid dzyunik expressed his point of view about the phenomenon Buzova.

“I think Oli’s got more than a wealthy fan, who helps her in all her Affairs. To open a restaurant in Moscow is not a cheap business. Plus songs, promoting her as a singer. Now everything is very expensive. So someone is helping her. And that, perhaps, after all, a personal relationship Olga,” suggested dzyunik.

Also, in his opinion, the relationship Buzova with Phillip Kirkorov who are said to be too close, just mutual PR. “Yes, one of them never pays. Buzova neither Kirkorov nor (mark with an exclamation point!) Philip Bedrosovich. He has so much PR, that the ears do not pull! He invited Olga to star in your clip because it is popular”, – said the producer.

Other figures of show business believe that popularity only prevents Olga Buzova find love. She works too much, so she didn’t have time for a personal life.

“These are all her phrases: “I am the second after Putin,” “We live in an era of Buzova” – complete nonsense. Yes you go out to the streets and see what era people live. All busy with their own problems themselves. And sucked from the finger story about ol’ku amuse only journalists. The truth because in these stories no. The cryptocurrency, which she allegedly recently launched, also from the category of fake. As far as I know, the idea was a failure. I would have made less dramatic statements that turn ol’ku bogey for ridicule. This stupid train is stopping her and a man to meet a normal. Rich, real self-respecting man with it. It’s a fact,” said Rustam Solntsev, a former colleague of Buzova “House-2”.

However, according to “the Source”, most of the experts are of the opinion that Olga is not “in itself”, and is working on a certain shady producer who helps her with finances.

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