Olga Buzova intrigued by the possible pregnancy

Ольга Бузова заинтриговала возможной беременностью The media personality said that in her life big changes are coming. Fans of Olga Buzova decided that very soon she will make them joyful news about the new addition to the family. After all, the star has repeatedly said that the birth of children in her immediate plans.

      Ольга Бузова заинтриговала возможной беременностью

      TV presenter Olga Buzova already more than four years of happy marriage and her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov. From the relations between spouses seem to be just idyllic. The luxurious life of Olga Buzova is the envy of the fans

      Fans of the star couple are touched by their shared imagery and just crave when Olga and Dmitri will be pleased with them news about the new addition to the family. Fans so can’t wait to see Buzova in the role of mother that they is ready to almost every word written in Instagram, to see a cryptic message about the pregnancy. A new wave of speculation about possible interesting position has caused this phrase, Olga Buzova, which it signed its next selfie taken in the car.

      “The main thing is not to break down on the way to the dream. Soon we should expect major changes”, – wrote in the microblog TV star.

      Followers blonde immediately caught on the second sentence of the message, and delivered its verdict: the news about pregnancy of Olga Buzova have to wait long. While they do not hesitate even a hashtag “I love my job”, which the star accompanied the post, as if hinting that changes will be associated with the career. But it is possible that this phrase could be regarded by subscribers as a distraction. Draw their own conclusions, they can not ban anyone. “Rarely leave comments, but apparently is coming replenishment. If so, then congratulations,” “Finally in the hospital?”, “Get pregnant. That’s how I feel,” write the fans of Olga Buzova.

      The star herself speculation of his followers to leave reviews. Olga has long made it a rule not to respond to what is written in her microblog fans to discuss someone else’s life.

      This spring, Olga Buzova already talked about the fact that children in her plans, but they will have it with her husband only after they are fully equip your house.

      “There are no parameters, what, who and when must do. We have a good family and all ahead. We went through all the stages. The first year was building relationships. Then – wedding. Now I bought a house, engaged in the improvement of their nest. The next step is kids! We live on a hundred percent!” – boldly declared Olga.

      And while Olga Buzova engaged in their own career – working in television, film serials, and also produces its own brand of clothing.

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