Ольга Бузова оскорбила Анастасию Костенко
Olga Buzova today devotes all his time to the work and his career.

Ольга Бузова оскорбила Анастасию Костенко

According to Olga, she’s not ready for a serious relationship. After the divorce with Dmitry Tarasov celebrity disappointed in men, so a lot of time with him I’ve seen.

Ольга Бузова оскорбила Анастасию Костенко

“Fans will have to do a great job, I have to be able to trust him. For a year I’m alone for a long time did not want to communicate with men. And it’s completely natural after what happened to me. Absolutely do not understand the man who seven years with his wife sleeping in the same bed, and the next day – BAM – and there already is a woman from Rostov!”– confessed to His.

Olga still can not forgive Anastasia Kostenko, who, in her opinion, was the cause of her separation from her husband.

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