Olga Buzova has surprised everyone with his perfect pitch

Ольга Бузова  удивила всех своим идеальным слухом
TNT kicked off the comic and music show “Studio UNION”.

Ольга Бузова  удивила всех своим идеальным слухом

In the new season every Thursday at 21.00 star of TNT will measure
musical talents and knowledge of Russian pop repertoire. To do this, they are immersed in a world
sophisticated Russian variety, and the humor and irony help them to survive in
this battle. “From now on, Thursdays will not be the same…” — say the creators of the show.

Participants in the very first release was a duet of “HB”, consisting
of the resident Comedy Club Kharlamov and Batrutdinova. In the second issue each
against a friend played the girls from the Duo “BB” leading “House-2” Olga Buzova
Ksenia Borodina. And if She impressed and simultaneously shocked the audience
his deep knowledge of Russian chanson and Russian rap,
Olga proved that she has excellent hearing. Throughout the issue she
demonstrated their remarkable vocals, always hitting the right notes,
singing music hits. “Studio
UNION”, of course, very unusual show! I first had to take part in
similar to the game. To say that liked it — to say nothing. Very funny
rubric — liked to guess the encrypted word. And it turned out that I
know well Russian pop music — says Buzova. — Could not sit still, sing along hits. To
also in the show is the spirit of rivalry, which is always fun. Who won
not to say, of course! Look!”

Except Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina in the show in the next
editions of the show “Studio UNION” will be attended by Anna Khilkevich, Catherine Barnabas
Alexander Gudkov, Ruslan White, Julia Akhmedov, Miguel, Anton Shastun, Catherine
Reshetnikov Stanislav Yarushin, Sergey Matvienko and many others.