Ольга Бузова оказывает знаки внимания испанскому футболисту The presenter expressed his admiration for the athlete. Olga Buzova officially divorced with her husband Dmitry Tarasov 30 Dec. Now each of the ex-spouses trying to find happiness with others.

      Ольга Бузова оказывает знаки внимания испанскому футболисту

      At the end of last year, the TV presenter Olga Buzova and member of the national team of Russia on football Dmitry Tarasov got an official divorce. After more than four years of marriage the couple decided to part. Now each of them trying to find their own happiness. Now Olga drew attention to another player – the captain of the Spanish team “Atletico Madrid” Gabriel Fernandez. The presenter expressed his admiration for the athlete. Under a published photo of a man she left three smiley that can mean that Buzova amazed by his abilities and finds the sexy brunette one of the best players.

      Apparently, now Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov are trying not to think about the joint past. Despite the fact that fans still hoped for reconciliation presenter and football player, the miracle did not happen, and the couple divorced.

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      Now Buzova draws conclusions from a failed marriage and promises that will not be to dwell on his personal life. Many fans remember how often she posted pictures gentle with her husband and wrote about their strong love.

      “I have no dirty Laundry. I’m not ashamed for any of his word and deed. I am such a person: if I feel good, I can not be silent, and if it hurts, I can’t hold back the tears. I’m real. And when I love, I love the whole world. Perhaps this was my mistake, because something needs to keep for themselves. To be honest, I wish my life was the man who, on the contrary, to hide me from everyone and to protect. I want all women. To find a real defender, not a midfielder,” said the leader.

      Buzova nothing prevents establish a new relationship with a man, next to which she will feel truly loved and happy. However, while the celebrity tries to direct their energies to the realization of career ambitions. She does not spare himself, speaking at various venues with his hit single “the sounds of kissing”, and also pays attention to the development of a network of clothing stores and shoot some projects.