Olga Buzova has penetrated quite deeply

Ольга Бузова проникла совсем глубоко
Many companies and individuals have suffered because of the blocking of the messenger Telegram, but crafty Olga Buzova and benefits.

Ольга Бузова проникла совсем глубоко

It turned out that Olga participates in an advertising campaign, which aims to create a network that will replace all the social networks, especially the emphasis on Facebook and Telegram.

Ольга Бузова проникла совсем глубоко

“BUZAR will announce plans for the development of Russian social networking!
On may 3, 2018 At 14.00 parliamentary newspaper and the Youth Parliament of the State Duma of the Russian Federation conducted a roundtable live “That will replace Facebook and Telegram?”.
The discussion will focus on how it will affect the closure of the Telegram and the possible ban of Facebook in the business community, and the Russians will blocking social networks and messengers in the fight against terrorism, are there any Russian analogues of Facebook?
The project BUZAR will announce plans for the development of Russian social networking!”

– written in almost a campaign speech Olga.

Don’t you think that after 6 years, next to the name Sobchak will mean Buzova?

But seriously, this whole mania “Buzova” like a contract, when Olga “hooked” not very smart people, and then using her face “lead the flock” in the right direction… People hawala, and it feels sad that I live in a country where so many slaves citizens.

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