Olga Buzova has introduced two new hit song at a private party

Ольга Бузова представила два новых хита на закрытой вечеринке The presenter was a pleasant surprise for fans. This past Saturday, the aspiring singer made in one of night institutions of Moscow. The star sang a favorite of all the songs, but also sang new tracks. Guests were delighted.

      Olga Buzova for several months continues to hold leading positions in music charts thanks to his debut work “the sounds of kisses” and “I’m used to it.” The presenter managed to make a sensational compositions in several cities of Russia and remove the clip on one of the songs that just a few days gained more than one million views on YouTube. Their creative achievements, the woman shared with subscribers in Instagram. And so last Saturday, the celebrity went to speak in one of the most famous restaurants of Moscow, where he likes to relax by secular youth.

      Andrey Malakhov and Olga Buzova staged a passionate dance

      Olga appeared before the fans in a sexual manner, which stressed all the advantages of the chiseled figure of a celebrity. Fans noted that the young singer has achieved considerable success and is now held on the stage much more confident than before. She, judging by the comments in the Network, better move and behave more freely. To the surprise of the fans, after the execution of two hits Buzova suddenly sang a new song, which has not yet managed to present to the public.

      “Let someone say, “We are not the same”, I will understand their fate. The words are not about love please now. And become stronger, become stronger. And the people did not believe that angels wings will spread and fly away into the clouds. After all the fallen angels with the new forces will Rise up to heaven” – Buzova sang during the concert.

      Apparently, the restaurant guests were in awe of the new song celebrity. Almost all present at the event were quick to capture the new songs to the gadgets, and to publish video online. A few dozen subscribers Buzova shared with the followers first, and noted that it differs from the other two. “Olga, well done, hit the hit. Beautiful song, so soft and sensual”, “In this song, you’re real. What a touching, vulnerable as it is,” “are Incredibly. It is your best work. Umnichka. Imbued with the words,” expressed the opinion of enthusiastic fans.

      Many netizens heard a new song started to wonder, when the presenter will introduce her audience, as about any new work not previously reported. Obviously, many flooded microblogging celebrity questions to clarify the current situation. As noted by the star herself, she is grateful to all guests for the kind words in his address and added that in the near future will release another two songs.

      “Thank you again, you have me the best! Yesterday, the energy was through the roof. Me all the abuse that I am speaking with only two songs, so I recorded two more. Soon premiere!” – wrote a celebrity in the social network.

      By the way, Olga Buzova called to present at a closed two new songs. The hall was so Packed that guests hardly danced to the rhythms of the second song. “Let’s just forget what we were yesterday. No matter what people say, will not need words. Someday I above the ground can float with wings,” the artist sang in a nightclub.

      Fans have supported Olga and wished her further success. They expressed the hope that in the very near future she will share with the subscribers of the new creations. Some said that each time her fistulina more professional, and the energy that she gives to the auditorium, infect everyone around.

      “Power mad! No matter what else is needed to correct the vocals, the main thing that people like, they dance and have fun”, “Olga, continue in the same spirit. Don’t listen to anybody and forward to their targets. We will support you”, “Olga, don’t look back and don’t look back into the past. You have such a compassionate present and future. I admire your ability to work,” comments the fans on the page Buzova.