Olga Buzova has hinted at participation in the elections

Ольга Бузова намекнула на участие в выборах The presenter asked the fans to wait a bit. After the news that Xenia Sobchak intends to run for President, the Network began an active discussion of other people of the “House-2”, which can engage in politics. Olga Buzova monitored the situation and spoke on this occasion.

Olga Buzova is preparing for solo concerts, which will be held in Moscow and St. Petersburg this fall. According to the presenter, she wakes up early, a lot of rehearsing, because they do not want to disappoint his listeners. Despite the criticism which is thrown at her on social networks, the girl moves forward to new heights. Buzova is also monitoring the situation in the country. In particular, it became known that a former colleague of Olga’s “House-2” Ksenia Sobchak puts forward its candidature for participation in presidential elections. Husband Maxim Vitorgan sent a letter to one of the editions. In the document, it outlined a number of points that I would like to change in the structure and legislation of Russia.

Ksenia Sobchak has officially declared the participation in the presidential elections

Users of social networks began to actively discuss a potential presidential candidate. Many have suggested that the pace in a short time in politics will be Olga Buzova. Some predict that she will become Prime Minister. Girl watching comments of people in microblogs. Today she decided to answer users on the Network.

“And the latest news of the country. I’ll wait four years. I’m only 31,” said in a microblog Buzova.

Fans of the presenter reacted to her post. “Olya, only forward,” “Definitely, you have my vote!”, “I will vote for Buzova”, “what kind of day is this? I know that presidents running for Sobchak, now I know what Oli is doing the same thing. There that’s better?” – write the users of social network.