Ольга Бузова помогла поклоннику сделать предложение любимой In Saint-Petersburg Olga Buzova presented the project “Buzova Married”, during which occurred the romantic episode. A young man by the name of Valery’s proposal to his girlfriend on stage.
Ольга Бузова помогла поклоннику сделать предложение любимой

Touching scene witnessed by the audience, who came to the presentation of the project “Marry Buzova” in Saint-Petersburg. During the performance, the 32-year-old singer, the young man decided to present the sweetheart ring, wearing which she said the coveted “Yes”.

To help the fan to fulfill the dream helped Olga Buzova – that she called on stage a couple, and then Valery went down on one knee and said those sweet words. “Julia, I love you very much. Marry me,” a romantic episode won the admiration of all witnesses, and they were many. Now the city on the Neva festival VK fest, the guests of which were thousands of people.

“Valery, you understand the responsibility you now?! You are only in the eyes of St. Petersburg made an offer, but to my eyes! And you know how I call those men who are not responsible for your words?!” – said Olga Buzova.
Ольга Бузова помогла поклоннику сделать предложение любимой

Valery and Yulia live in Moscow and there are a little more than a year. To make your unusual offer young people decided spontaneously, when the lovers came to the festival to St. Petersburg. The fact that Julia is a fan of creativity of Olga Buzova, so no doubt the groom was not.

By the way, fans are sure that she Buzova already found her happiness. At least in recent time, the presenter has become increasingly to write ambiguous posts in your microblog, as if hinting at a new relationship.

To find out whether this is so, the audience will already August 26. It was the day on channel TNT starts the project “Marry Buzova” last chance to prove Ola that real men still exist, and one of them will be able to make her truly happy.

“Participation in this show is the most crazy thing in my life! And I can’t even call this a project just for show. I’m tired of being alone I want love, I want to feel just a girl achieve wooing you love. Sincerely and without any conditionalities. If I can make it this time will show”, – said Olga Buzova “StarHit”.

Recall that in early April it became known about the beginning of the casting in the women’s version of the popular romantic reality show “the Bachelor.” Leading “House-2” Olga Buzova became the main heroine of the project, who even named in her honor.

Since the star is divorced with Dmitry Tarasov, she was not able to find the female happiness. “I think that if I’m on this show is not going to meet the man, I will never marry”, — shared his experiences Olga.

In June, for the names of some of the candidates for heart Buzova. So, one of the participants became a millionaire Evgeny Nazarov and owner of the cheese production Denis Lebedev.

“Almost two years with me was not even the guy who cared would or would be just beside, I’m not even talking about love or love. I’m not ashamed of my age, but when you’re 32 and there are no man, you don’t understand why. I don’t know if I’m ready for relationship if I’m ready to let into his heart to someone else. But scares me the most is one thing: if I can do in this life someone to love?” – told the star.

Shooting a project about love was held in Italy. Real dolce vita for the one whose life is on the mind of millions of people. However, everything that happens in the show “Married with Buzova” will be a surprise for everyone, including for Olga. Every city of Italy, in which the shooting took place, enabled the participants to come up with new topics for meetings.