Ольга Бузова подверглась критике за дорогой подарок мужу The TV presenter was accused that she too indulges spouse. Olga Buzova has presented to Dmitry Tarasov razor, decorated with gold. The star proudly told the followers, but the positive response was never received.

      Olga Buzova has caused a surge of negativity in the social network. Leading “House-2” have demonstrated a high wealth by posting photos of the new gift to the elect, Dmitry Tarasov. Despite the fact that the birthday of the player in March, the wife decided to treat now. It is possible that the present star was timed to one of the memorable dates in the relations with the beloved. Anyway, Buzova chose Tarasova razor in gold.

      The cost of this jewelry varies from 100 to 200 thousand rubles, depending on the complexity of its execution and the materials from which it is made. Razor for Tarasova decorated by order of his wife the logo of the football team “Lokomotiv”, in which he plays. Apparently, Olga really wanted to please her beloved, so I tried to surprise him.

      “Here’s what to give the man who has everything? And that gift constantly reminded of you! I opted for shaving machine made of gold. She chose the color and design. After that I created a unique monogram with logo football club my husband. Unique gift!”, – Olga boasted in his microblog.

      Interestingly, instead of words of admiration for the choice leading to it poured in comments, full of criticism and indignation. Fans condemned the star for the demonstration of luxury. They reminded her that the crisis in the yard. Moreover, subscribers Buzova suspected her of intentional publication of a message, because, in their assumptions, providing men shave the masters in specialty stores.

      Olga Buzova shows iron grip in relations with her husband

      “It is strange that only gold! It was necessary to decorate all with pearl and diamonds”, “Ol, and in the old gold false teeth will give each other?”, “Stop the planet, I’ll go”, “what people came, razor blades of gold”, “Diamond gave the toilet at once”, “Well, the Golden beard will now grow”, “I wouldn’t flaunt it”, “What happens next? Toilet paper with gold plating?”, “Did razor give? According to legend, this leads to breakups”, “Olga, with such gifts in a social network is not exactly coming out. It’s overkill, especially for average people in times of crisis,” erupted criticism of the subscribers of the star. It is worth noting that all the angry messages Olga Buzova left unanswered.

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