Olga Buzova has aroused erotic fantasies Andrew Giulana

Ольга Бузова вызвала эротические фантазии у Андрея Гайдуляна Star of TV series “Univer” critical about new video colleagues in show business, in which he played “the most beautiful criminal” Jeremy Meeks. Video recording took place yesterday until late at night. In addition to Andrew Giulana, Olga Buzova also drew the attention of British journalists.
Ольга Бузова вызвала эротические фантазии у Андрея Гайдуляна

On Wednesday, Olga Buzova filmed a new video for the song Wi-Fi, which will be a gift for her fans by February 14. The stories continued until late at night. The actress changed a few bright outfits – one spectacular another. To make his listeners an unforgettable surprise, the main actor Olga invited “the most beautiful criminal” Jeremy Meeks.

Olga Buzova friends with the “most handsome felon” Jeremy Meeks

Footage from the filming of the video that appeared on social networks sparked heated debate on the Network. Many have found that Olga and Jeremy look great together. Colleague Buzova in the show business Andrew Hagolan was so impressed with the unexpected collaboration that has devoted a TV presenter and aspiring singer publish to Instagram.

“Back home in Moscow, and then so much news, a lot of cases. Olga Buzova do out with the offender contacted, very crazy woman… it’s hard to be whole without a man. In absentia, I suppose, met. Well, okay, I won’t dream at night, not good. PS I can still fantasize,” wrote the actor, accompanied by a publication with the hashtag “low residence”.

The post artist drew a mixed reaction from his followers. Many were quick to accuse Giulana in an attempt to draw attention to themselves at the expense of Buzova and condemned his act. The actor was quick to respond to speculation detractors. “What a good, good morning! Not have to live and be happy, and I envy and PR at the expense of Buzova! A PR! The smelly beast. I hate myself. And Olga!”– he wrote in the microblog.

Before the premiere of the new video Buzova has also attracted the attention of foreign journalists. In one of the popular English tabloid published an article about her collaboration with Jeremy Meeks. However, foreign correspondents made a mistake with the purpose of the visit of the young man. In the press appeared information about the fact that Jeremy is removed with the Russian model Olga Buzova for the campaign. According to representatives of the media, the pair looked “sensational”.

“33-year-old “hot criminal”, which is made a lot of noise relationship with Topshop heiress Chloe green since July of last year, looked terrific, while searing brunette leaned forward for a kiss. Jeremy was in his element when working on-camera in his stylish suit. (…) He was joined by the stunning Olga, a model whose figure was decorated with a fashionable white dress with a high slit,” not stint on emotions, foreign Explorer.