Ольга Бузова согласилась выйти замуж за Дениса Черышева
Close families of football shocked by the unexpected recognition of a movie star.

Olga Buzova stated desire to marry Denis Cheryshev. TV star “laid eyes” on another player. It appealed through social networks to the athlete with an offer to personally contact her. “I agree to marry you… Dennis, you were in the hit parade of my thoughts! Waiting for a call! Girlfriend approved,” he assured Olga. Buzova could succeed that second time to be with a football star, there’s just one problem: Cheryshev is already in a relationship with another girl.

Action Olga, who knew that Dennis lives with Christina and Kobe present at all matches of team Russia at the 2018 world Cup, angered the public. Public expressing a “foreign” man” called immoral.

Cheryshev met a darling three years ago, if not quite romantic circumstances. Then the player has any legal problems with the club real Madrid, the midfielder who at that time acted. He was threatened with a fine of 25 million euros. But Kristina, a lawyer, helped Denis to avoid major financial losses and a blow to reputation. During the trials Cheryshev and Kobe were close. Shortly after the case was closed, the couple announced their romance.

Denis Cheryshev and Christina Kobe

Photo: Social networks

Olga, by the way, in the face of negativity in his address, later retracted his words and said that was just joking. And then he added that it is not “bowl” (as Olga calls Anastasia Kostenko, a new wife ex-husband Dmitry Tarasov) to meddle in other people’s relationships.