Ольга Бузова осчастливила мужа TV presenter congratulated wife a happy birthday. Olga Buzova tried to please the beloved. Dmitry Tarasov happy from such attention wife.

      Ольга Бузова осчастливила мужа

      Date for the popular TV presenter of reality show “Dom-2” Olga Buzovoy began with the preparation of one of the major holidays in the family – her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov turned 29 years old. Loving wife arranged for a wonderful surprise. At midnight sister Olga brought her husband on the football field, where he was lit on fire. Apparently, Dmitry was very touched by such attention and care of his wife. And Olga herself was only happy that he could please her husband.

      “Happy birthday, my beloved. There is nothing softer than your touch. I love you. You’re my space, my planet. Know that I’ll always be with you”, she said in his microblog.

      I must say that fans of couples do not get tired to admire the reverent relationship Buzovoy and Tarasova. They are happy that even in marriage, spouses are trying to arrange romantic surprises for each other. “The most sincere and beautiful couple!”, “Very sensual, romantic! Happy years together to you, beautiful!”, “You’re a terrific couple. Keep your love forever! And for a full bowl of your happiness is sincerely make you as beautiful as you, Turbosat!” – appreciated the efforts of TV presenter loyal fans.

      Published video Olga Buzova (@buzova86) Mar 17 2016 at 2:42 PDT

      I must say that Olga and Dmitri does not hide the immense love for each other. Despite the fact that many celebrities prefer not to dwell on his family idyll, so as not to frighten happiness, Buzova not believe the prejudice and constantly demonstrates feelings to her husband.

      “Today’s your day, honey, you’re asleep, and I lie side by side, and realize how much I love you,” he recorded a star of TV in the microblog.

      It is fair to say that Dmitry is also happy to try to make his wife happy. In late January Olga celebrated the anniversary. For the solemn day Tarasov spared no effort and imagination to please his beloved wife. Despite the fact that he was far away, throughout the day Olga received a touching gift from her husband. When Tarasov returned from Arab Emirates, where he went on charges he organized for Buzovoy chic celebration. In one of the elegant restaurants of the capital were invited the closest friends and relatives of the couple. Guests heartily rejoiced and marveled at the scale of the festival.

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