Olga Buzova grapple with the “sofa troops”

Ольга Бузова сражается с «диванными войсками» Leading his thoughts about cyberbullying. Like any popular person, Olga Buzova are regularly confronted with criticism on the Internet. Recently, the star wrote a Frank article in which he spoke on the burning topic.

      Olga Buzova – one of the most popular TV presenters of the country. For the account of a celebrity in Instagram following of more than nine million people. Every post Olga gaining hundreds of thousands of “likes” and provokes heated debate. It is worth noting that over the life of a star is really interesting to watch, because she has a very busy schedule and multiple projects. Recently Olga is also the singer on April 10, will premiere its third song, called “People do not believe.”

      Recently, the star wrote a column for the popular magazine, which clarified its attitude to the Internet. Olga admits that he plays a very significant role in her life. The young woman regularly shares with subscribers the news and admits that trying to monitor the reaction to their activities on the Network. Anchor read posts of fans and even comments on them. The young woman really care about what people think about her fans.

      At the same time, the popularity connected with a number of disadvantages, which Olga also decided to tell. In recognition of the star, she receives a tremendous amount of negativity from social media users. “Actually, I sometimes get the feeling that for some people write me stuff in the comments under the photo or video is the meaning of life” – says TV presenter.

      In its submission, Olga decided to paint a portrait of a typical mudslinger, who is trying to hurt her, expressing his opinion on a particular issue.

      “Some say the Internet is evil. But I am convinced that evil is a kind of freedom and liberty. Who flood Facebook with their posts about how bad it is, and what all needs to be changed, but I continue to lie on the couch and live on the wages of mothers or wives, and all with more joy pour out his venom in the comments in our social media and news portals – insulting writing and fantasizing,” said the celebrity.

      However, Olga Buzova not intend to abandon the benefits of civilization and to restrict access to the world wide web. The star admits that the Network gives her the opportunity to always be in touch with loved ones, despite the tight schedule. “Calls on facetime, messages motsepe and photos on Instagram – it all brings us together. Despite the fact that scientists have identified a new disease of “Internet addiction”, I can confidently say that I don’t have it”, – quotes celebrity magazine “Russian pioneer”.