Olga Buzova got rid of wedding dress

Ольга Бузова избавилась от подвенечного наряда The presenter released a video for the song “People don’t believe.” Olga Buzova showed fans a video, on which she worked with Director Jevgenijs Kadinim. The actress appeared on the background of beautiful scenery of the city of Sochi.

TV presenter Olga Buzova has released a music video for the song “People don’t believe.” In a new video that the artist shot with Director Jevgenijs Kadinim in Sochi, she appeared in the romantic images. Dressed in a denim suit star walking along the Black sea coast, constantly looking back, as if trying to meet someone.

In some scenes, Olga had to be reincarnated as an angel in a white dress which, despite everything, endures all difficulties. As claimed by the artist herself, during the filming of the video she was very cold, as she had not time to descend into the cold waters.

“No matter how many people around you do not believe, it is important that you believe in yourself, your purpose and dream and go forward. Even if sometimes you think the whole world is against you, remember that everything will work out and the main thing – not to stop. I believe that each of us has a guardian angel who will not let us in! He’s always there. I know it’s hard when you have no support, but believe me, there are those who will be next,” – said in a microblog Buzova, announcing the release of the video.
Ольга Бузова избавилась от подвенечного наряда

As soon as fans heard the song, they suggested that the recording of a novelty, a woman tried to answer all the spiteful critics, who were dissatisfied with her vocal abilities. Besides shooting video, Olga decided to the shocking act. In the last minute of the movie her character gets from a backpack a wedding dress, douses him with gasoline and ignites. Perhaps the star wanted to say that forever forgot about the years of marriage with Dmitry Tarasov.

Recall that in December last year Olga Buzova divorced with the famous footballer. Celebrity hinted in an interview that she faced betrayal of the man she loved. Despite the pain star felt at this period of life, she broke down and achieved new successes. Olga claims to be one of the most prestigious Russian awards – the award of the channel “MUZ-TV” in the nomination “Breakthrough of the year”.