Olga Buzova got into an altercation with Victor Drobysh, music

Ольга Бузова поскандалила с Виктором Дробышем из-за музыки The presenter spoke harshly about the criticism of the producer. Previously, Victor Drobysh and Nastasya Samburski has removed a parody of the creativity of an aspiring singer. Such an act angered the star of “House-2”.

Musical career Olga Buzova leaves few people indifferent. About vocal presenter has already spoken many stars of domestic show-business. This time to discuss career actress decided Victor Drobysh. Together with Nastasya Samburski he did a mock music video and then made unflattering comments about the young singer.

Poplavskaya, Presnyakov and Panayotov against Buzova

“I am very glad that in this Factory we touched “creativity” Olga Buzova. She’s definitely a talented man, but still no one knows what is her talent. I am sure as a musician that music is not its strongest side. Moreover, erecting the plywood in officialdom, it makes the bad all the Russian show-business, ” said Drobysh.

Review the producer’s share of domestic music fans into two camps. Many rushed to protect Olga from such harsh attacks, but there were also those who took the side of the Drobysh. “Why throw such insults? She’s still a girl, is trying to work”, “I Completely agree with Victor. This singer discreditied of the Russian show-business”, “Buzova so popular that it is now a PR due to its name”, – shared his opinion of the fans of stars in social networks.

Olga herself was not able to stay away. The words of the producer greatly hurt the presenter, but more recently Victor Drobysh wanted to cooperate with her and was invited to speak at the “New idol.”

“In this story, it’s a pity the manufacturers, since their producer will never be able to tell them about how to really be a first in music, as his tracks only occasionally got at least the top 200 Russian iTunes. And about the parody of me of the actress from the TV series “Univer”, I’m glad that at least then, the country has learned about attempts nastasi sing,” he said Buzova.

Nastasya Samburski publicly sent Olga Buzova

Songs Olga instantly fall into the top ten most downloaded tracks online. The girl presented a debut album, and it instantly topped the iTunes. The actress is confident that the reason for its popularity lies in sincerity, and also in strong support of loyal fans.

In comments to the public Super Buzova said that now there is no Victor Drobysh. According to the stars, a man can’t say that about the girl. It is unknown how the producer will react to the words of the presenter.