Olga Buzova got in touch after hearing about the disease

Ольга Бузова вышла на связь после известия о болезни The presenter thanked the fans for their support. The doctors allowed celebrity to continue treatment at home. According to Olga Buzova, it was much better in the near future she plans to return to work.

      Ольга Бузова вышла на связь после известия о болезни

      Before the weekend leading reality show “Dom-2” Olga Buzova was hospitalized in one of capital hospitals. Fans of celebrity was seriously scared because the girl told that she had a fever, and the ambulance could not come.

      Later, a representative of Olga Anton Bogoslavskaya said that she is in a private clinic. According to the doctors, as the stars have deteriorated due to overwork. Besides, according to Anton, Buzova could blow through on the train during her last trip to Samara at the master class.

      The doctors gave Olga the medicines necessary for recovery, and released. In the apartment the girl met her favorite dog. The celebrity shared with fans in the environment of Pets and talked about his health.

      “My dear, I’m finally home! It was very difficult for me and my family! Thank you for supporting me! Thank you to my family and friends, who always wrote and visited me. Now I feel much better. Tomorrow we return slowly to a working system. Take care of your health, do not repeat my mistakes. Love you,” wrote Olga on the page in a social network.

      Judging by the names of drugs, at the TV presenter runny nose and throat trouble. Buzova shared short videos of the dogs in the microblog: behind the scenes is heard the hoarse voice of the stars.

      Fans want their favorite recovery and give advice on how to get better faster. “Olga, you good health! Take care of yourself, pretty lady!”, “Ol take care of your health. Go on vacation. All the money is still not to earn”, “Olga, sweetie, you need to be around people that will repeat the exact same phrase “Bring wear one you can carry!” Do not take extra for yourself why are you doing this?” – wrote followers.

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      Earlier Olga had to apply for help to the doctors because during the concert, decoration seriously damaged her arm. “I never thought that the bracelet is a nail, about which I dreamed for so long, and fail me at the most inopportune moment. Now I have a mark on your wrist for life. Doctor who yesterday was bandaged, said that before the wedding live! Thank God, I’m not going there,” admitted Buzova.