Ольга Бузова получила свой первый «Оскар» The presenter skillfully portrayed tears of happiness. Olga Buzova and participants “House-2” dramatized presentation of the prestigious movie awards. The star got an Oscar for popularity in Instagram.

      Olga Buzova overjoyed. Her page in Instagram gained a huge success. Host of the popular reality show “Dom-2” has boasted that she has five million subscribers. This figure, he could not leave without attention. Buzova thanked all those who follow her life through a social network, and advertisers who publish their ads on her page in the comments.

      “I want to say a huge thank you to all of you, my dear subscribers. Moms in the decree, you are the best, without you there would be no investment. Mutual likes, you are the best, without you wouldn’t be mothers in the decree. Pomegranate emulsion. If it wasn’t for you, you would have to try Liquid chestnut,” and this is only the beginning of a long speech Olga, making fun of numerous advertising spammers on Instagram.

      It is worth noting that fans of stars experienced mixed feelings after reading the “praise” speech. Some do not understand humor Buzova, taking her words at face value. However, all without exception liked humorous videos which leading removed together with the participants of telestroke.

      Published video Olga Buzova (@buzova86) May 23 2016 1:06 PDT

      In the video, Andrey Chuev announces the winner of Olga Buzova, which was awarded a gold statuette “Oscar” for the popularity of social networking. Star with cheers circled the participants “House-2”, and then he began in broken English to thank family and fans for this honor. At this exciting moment Olga has depicted, as if from her eyes shed tears of happiness.

      We will remind, acting skills, the star shows a long time ago. She already had experience filming a movie. Recently, the TV channel TNT has pleased the audience with a premiere of the new Comedy series “Poor people”, one of the main roles in which was played Buzova.

      Olga Buzova: “For the role ready to shave my head”

      “On the court I was sometimes hard to focus and say some text, because it was very funny, – Olga has shared with “StarHit” impressions of the shoot. – I remember when we were shooting the scene and I, of course, it was necessary to gather that with a straight face pronounce your text. But at this time I can hear the strong laughter behind the door and, of course, the mood gets off, and I feel so funny those jokes that have to say that I can’t help it”.

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