Ольга Бузова подарила мужчине квартиру The singer was presented with a gift on his birthday. Olga Buzova decided to please his PR Director. The young man was surprised to the core by the generosity of well-known TV presenter.
Ольга Бузова подарила мужчине квартиру

Olga Buzova famous for his generosity. She has repeatedly stressed that loves friends and family, so ready to make any sacrifice, just to make them happy. In honor of the birthday of the PR Director Anton Bogoslavsky the singer has prepared a truly Royal gift. She bought the man a condo. The hero of the occasion hastened to boast of the gift and posted a photo of the keys from the estate.

“This is unreal gift made me my Queen Olga on the day of birth. Yes, it’s the keys to the apartment, from the apartment on my favorite Tsvetnoy Boulevard. I am so happy to have you in my life. I love you so much”, – has signed a frame man.

Many fans of Olga was shocked by her incredible generosity. Apartment on Tsvetnoy Boulevard certainly were a star in tens of millions of rubles, but it is, apparently, willing to make such gorgeous gifts friends and loved ones.

Buzova fans rushed to congratulate her PR Director happy birthday. However, there were also those who questioned the veracity of the show. According to them, this gift is just another advertising ploy, demonstrating the boundless generosity of Olga.

“This is another of her personal promotion, as good. No if this is really true, then I am one million percent glad, but still I have doubts”, “take care of your friendship. And she real in every sense. Just do not betray her, Very happy for you deserve this gift”, – shared his opinion Anton subscribers.

The man has repeatedly laid out frames with Buzova, noting that the presenter has an incredibly kind heart. Even after the many trials of life and soaring popularity has not made her less responsive.

Olga herself has not commented on the gorgeous gift she allegedly made a PR Director. Previously, the star was told that she lives in a rented apartment and dream of own house. Together with Dmitry Tarasov she was involved in the construction of a family nest, but after the divorce, the property has got the player.

Now all thoughts of the presenter busy building a singing career. She has incredible enthusiasm he has toured across the country, managing to record new videos and songs. Despite the constant employment, Buzova always finds time to meet with friends and enjoy communication with them.