Olga Buzova: “For the role ready to shave my head”

Ольга Бузова: «Ради роли готова побриться налысо» The TV presenter spoke about the work on the role in the TV series “Poor people” on TNT. Olga Buzova played a Central role. For the stars it was the first serious work in film.

      Ольга Бузова: «Ради роли готова побриться налысо»

      Today TNT will delight the audience with a premiere of the new Comedy series “Poor people”. One of the main roles in the film is played by a popular TV presenter Olga Buzova. “StarHit” recognize the sacrifices was ready to go celebrity, what roles she wants and why is not afraid to laugh at yourself.

      Olga, today released the series in which you play a Central role. What is the plot and what to expect from the audience view?
      Ольга Бузова: «Ради роли готова побриться налысо»The series “Poor people” is a series about the residents of a communal apartment in St. Petersburg, who face different challenges. This is a story about a young man Vienna, played by Dmitry Lysenko. The main character of a difficult situation – his wife left him, he lost his job, he is surrounded by crazy friends who constantly get into trouble. In order to rebuild their lives, he addresses to the publisher so that he gave him a job. The Vienna offers to write a book about Olga Buzovoy. Well, what happens next, I will not tell – the audience’ll find out after watching. —
      What was the shooting? What do you remember most?
      Ольга Бузова: «Ради роли готова побриться налысо»The project we started discussing three years ago. The author of idea, producer and screenwriter of the series Anton Zaitsev offered me the role, I reviewed the script and, of course, agreed. I love how all the crew, and I’ve always wanted to work with professionals of this level. After discussions, we removed the pilot and have been preparing for the shooting. On site I was sometimes hard to tune to say some text, because it was very funny. I remember when we were shooting the scene and I, of course, had to assemble with a straight face pronounce your text. But at this time I can hear the strong laughter behind the door and, of course, the mood shifts, and I feel so funny those jokes that have to say that I am not able to control themselves. Still it was hard, when I differently reacted during the filming, it began to please the Director, and he asked me five more times to repeat the same emotion. Had to learn to Express many of the feelings the way I wanted the film crew. But I was easy, because I have the experience of playing in the theater, and it really helped. I fully listened to the advice of the Director. Overall, we had a very playful atmosphere, so the work was a pleasure. Of course, I want to continue the series, missed the guys. We are really joined at the soul.
      Ольга Бузова: «Ради роли готова побриться налысо»
      What’s new learn about you fans?
      Ольга Бузова: «Ради роли готова побриться налысо»Viewers will see Olga Buzova in different angles – weeping, singing, indignant. My character gets into a different situation and has different places – on the football field, cemetery, cars, and so on. Viewers will be able to see me the other, but my character is exaggerated character, so do not think that I am the same in life.
      Ольга Бузова: «Ради роли готова побриться налысо»
      Were there any forbidden topics on which you are not allowed to joke? Maybe the show were played with some of your shortcomings?
      Ольга Бузова: «Ради роли готова побриться налысо»Absolutely no. I immediately came, ready for anything. If we would have to cut your hair bald – I would, without hesitation, agreed. Mentally I’m ready for any experiments, if required by the role. Actually, I didn’t have any taboo subjects. I’m able to laugh at yourself. Immediately warn you – in the series I played Olga Buzova. Yes, played, because my image was somewhat exaggerated, triawan to create the desired effect. The picture played out in my popularity, and the way I react to the outside world. In the series I don’t play myself because it’s still the heroine who has modified writers.
      Ольга Бузова: «Ради роли готова побриться налысо»
      What are your impressions after the filming of the series?
      Ольга Бузова: «Ради роли готова побриться налысо»The best. I’m excited about tonight, when everyone will see what we so long have labored. I admit, I was very drawn to the stage. I have two passions – I love to play and love the TV. And I am very glad that my dream came true. I hope that this role will help to expose my talent as an actress. I am very plastic people – clearly understand who is the boss who manages the process… When appeared on the court, said: “I am yours, do whatever you want”. I think that my most important role yet to be played, and this series will reveal me as the actress for other projects.
      Ольга Бузова: «Ради роли готова побриться налысо»
      In what capacity would again appear on the TV screen? It seems all your dreams have already came true…
      Ольга Бузова: «Ради роли готова побриться налысо»It seems to me that Comedy is mine, I love to joke, I am often invited as a judge on Comedy shows. I’m not afraid to laugh at themselves. But, of course, like any actor waiting for a serious large-scale tragic role, played’d love a negative character or just the sufferer. I want to try something unusual, interesting, I’m greedy for new projects, emotions, because I understand that the potential untapped, and my inner voice says that everything is found.
      Ольга Бузова: «Ради роли готова побриться налысо»
      Like your husband took a job in the TV series “Poor people”? Not angry about the fact that you allow others to laugh at themselves?
      No, my husband understands that it’s just a role. Dima always laughing with me. We are very positive people. It clearly delineates where the exaggerated image, and where his wife, a real person who can sometimes be sad, sometimes, boring. And so, he fully supported me during the filming. Care Dima was very important. Sometimes I might come from the shooting early in the morning when he was going to the gym, then he covered me with a blanket and said, “Sleep, honey.” Slightly open secret: the show will be the scene where my husband also appears…

      Watch “Poor people” from 11 April from Monday to Thursday at 20:30 on TNT.

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