Olga Buzova for the first time commented on his divorce

Ольга Бузова впервые прокомментировала свой развод
The presenter told us about their feelings.

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

That the family of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov, not everything was smooth known. But Olga instead to comment on the situation, took the time out to communicate with fans and simply did not respond to hundreds of comments under her photos. But on the eve of His still broke his silence and confessed to how she feels right now.

“Work is…” — openly shared Olga. To survive the family drama, she plunged into the work. By the way, now Buzova busy filming in the picture of Kirill Pletnev — “Burn”. Working days now last from Olga for 14 hours a day, so it is time to “raschitana”. But eyewitnesses noticed that in the morning, arriving at the set, His looks are usually very sad and crying.

By the way, recently in a Network there was a rumor that the apartment to Tarasov, where recently moved out Olga, moved by a mysterious leggy brunette. In any case, that’s how it is described clashing with her neighbors of the player. However, no direct evidence to prove the fact of treason Tarasov no. And fresh version of the incident occur on the Network every minute, so fans have to wait for that Buzova still dare to openly talk about what was the cause of her rupture with her husband.