Ольга Бузова пошла по стопам Пугачевой и Киркорова The presenter is going to make your name a brand. This information to journalists was confirmed by the Director of Olga Buzova Aram Archer. After the trademark star is registered, she will be able to produce points and to treat animals.
Ольга Бузова пошла по стопам Пугачевой и Киркорова

As it became known to journalists, television personality and aspiring singer Olga Buzova decided to register its name as a brand. The staff of the production center Archer Music Producation’s, which cooperates with a celebrity, make a request to the Rospatent.

According to representatives of the media, after the registration of a trademark Buzova will be able to release under his own name clothes, accessories, sunglasses, stationery, and provide medicinal services to the people, animals and plants. In addition, under the brand name Olga you will produce music videos, music and show programs.

That was the reason for the appeal with Rospatent – the intention to expand the list of products manufactured under the name Buzova (the star has a clothing brand), or the desire to protect fans from counterfeit – not reported. Director Olga Aram Archer confirmed to journalists information that is publicized.

The filing of such application is standard practice for many stars of show business. Alla Pugacheva has registered all rights to his name back in the early 90s. And three years later after her marriage to Philip Kirkorov, Russian pop Diva has convinced him of the need to follow in her footsteps. The recent application for the trademark registration process, and many idols of youth, in particular, bloggers who wish to protect themselves and the fans from fraud. Recently, the Network appeared information about the treatment of Katya Klep, the Federal Institute of industrial property.

It is worth noting that Olga Buzova already long been producing clothes under his own name. Project star is called “Olga Buzova DESIGN”. Presenter launched in 2015, as reported by subscribers of Instagram. Prior to that Olga worked with brand “C&C Milano”. Thanks to the acquired experience Buzova quickly got to organize production.

“I’m very excited because I was preparing for this for a very long time! My good, already four years I have been designing clothes, in that time I have gained tremendous experience! Today I present to you my own brand. This is my company, my project! I work for you, my girls! To each of you felt like a Princess and special in the things of my brand,” wrote Olga, presenting fans a new project.

A recent application to the Rospatent, the production center Buzova became available to the Agency urban news “Moscow”.