Olga Buzova flashed inflated pressure in a sexy bikini

Ольга Бузова блеснула накаченным прессом в сексуальном бикини The star showed fans a result of diet and my daily workouts in the gym. Olga Buzova shared a provocative photo in which she is depicted in a fashionable pink swimsuit. Fans of the actress admired her form.

Television personality and aspiring singer Olga Buzova – the owner of a slender figure. Celebrity hours in the gym to keep myself in perfect shape and is the envy of many women. By the way, the last time Buzova is intensively preparing for his solo performances, so sometimes misses classes to rehearse ahead of the show.

Recently Olga decided to demonstrate the result of their daily labour: the star shared a provocative picture in which she is depicted in her sexy bikini light pink color.

In the pictures, caused a storm of emotions among fans Buzova, it is possible to see her washboard abs. Celebrity demonstrated that knowingly spends so much time in the gym. Judging by the number of “likes” left by fans of Olga, they were delighted with her achievements.

It should be noted that Buzova not only performs a variety of exercises, but also limit itself in meal. In recognition of Olga, she is jealous of those girls who can safely eat nutritious food and remain slender.

We will remind also that recently Olga has presented to fans a new video for the song “Little half”. Long-awaited work aspiring singer made a splash on the Network. Clip celebrity managed to score more than 1.7 million views on YouTube. While fans of the actress write her enthusiastic comments, critics, on the contrary, actively condemn Olga and wish her a speedy completion of his musical career. However, His is not one of those who give up easily. The TV star continues to work hard on himself, to the delight of his many fans.

Olga Buzova came off in the company of dozens of half-naked men

In recognition of Buzova, the song “Little halves,” written, by the way, rapper ST, is very important for it. “The track and clip is very special for me, with them I open a new page in your life! Finally do I don’t hurt anymore, and really want somewhere to fly “under the sounds of kissing.” Now with confidence I can say: “I open the world of other men,” said Olga.

Especially on the occasion of the premiere of incendiary songs celebrity decided to launch a flash mob in social networks. The actress offered fans to learn the moves from her music video and to film their dances on video. The best according to Olga videos will be on her page in Instagram.