Olga Buzova finally rejected Roman Gritsenko

Ольга Бузова окончательно отвергла Романа Гриценко TV presenter decided not to give chance to the participant of the project. She announced the shooting of the last edition of the reality show. Roman tried to win the favor of stars, however, was not at all honest with Olga.
Ольга Бузова окончательно отвергла Романа Гриценко

Last night Olga Buzova took part in the recording of a new edition of the reality show “Dom-2”. TV presenter decided to put an end to relations with the Roman Gritsenko, 22-year-old member of telestroke, who struggled in trying to win her favor. Olga decided to do it with his mom, which was in a Clearing. Despite a polite chat with the woman in relation to Gritsenko Buzova was adamant. She stated that she has good reasons to reject the guy.

“I don’t want to give you hope in trying to build a relationship with me: know what 100 percent is impossible!”- said Olga.

We will remind that Gritsenko was held earlier lie detector, which I sincerely answered the questions of the experts. Then found out the true intentions of the young man and to convict him of infidelity. “According can be seen that the novel repeatedly changed Olga. So, during the Christmas holidays he definitely had sex with multiple girls. In addition, the polygraph shows that the novel uses the relationship with Olga for the sake of PR, but he has no feelings for her”, – told experts.

He Gritsenko sad, after all, Olga decided not to give him more chances. The young man was also embarrassed that the presenter expressed his emotions with his family.

“Of course I’m upset! Especially frustrating that it happened in front of my mother. It would be better, Olya told me about it one on one. From my part I can say I have never cheated on her, and a detector is also sometimes wrong. But we need to continue to live on! I’m free for a new relationship. Our history with Olga Buzova, unfortunately, is over!”- said Gritsenko.

Recently, the Network does not cease talking of an emerging novel Buzova and Timur Batrutdinova. Together they took part in a fashion shoot, trying on dresses from the collection of Bella Potemkina. Fans of TV presenter and resident Comedy Club are actively discussing how good they look together. However, Timur himself is taking his time.

Olga Buzova and Timur Batrutdinov became close on the set

“Stop already marry us or be accused of PR. We bachelors on vacation and do what you want. For those who do not know, Olga and I have been friends for 13 years. Yes, this friendship is on the brink, but I think we’ll see”, – said the Batrutdinov on the network.