Ольга Бузова потерпела фиаско в сольной карьере
New players surpass the rating of a song of Olga Buzova.

Ольга Бузова потерпела фиаско в сольной карьере


Leading “House-2” has recently announced itself as
singer, releasing several songs. First solo career of the singer went up
after all, Buzova supported multi-million army of fans. But after a few
weeks ratings aspiring pop stars began to fall down.

For example, a young performer
Norris, known to many on the show “the Voice”, June 12, has released a new summer track
“I want output”. And just
a few days, the song hit the top chart and iTuns
beat the song Olga Buzova “Little half”, which was considered the undisputed leader.

Recall that a few months songs Olga is the first
places in iTunes and up to this point, none of the domestic artists could not
outrun download tracks singer.

Now the situation is this : a new song Buzova “Little
half” is the 11-th line, and Noris is in seventh place.

Shortly before Olga Buzova failed to win and “MUZ-TV” in the nomination “Breakthrough of the year”.
She didn’t even crown and a blonde wig, which the TV star completed her
very Frank dress.

The results of the audience voting and professional
Buzova in this most intriguing category bypassed the Kazakh singer (and
beat-boxer and producer) Azerbaijani
origin of Bakhtiyar Mammadov, who performs under the alias Jah Khalib
(Jah, The Ghalib).