Olga Buzova explained when walking off stage

Ольга Бузова объяснила, когда уйдет со сцены The aspiring singer became the host of the award “major League” together with Roman Emelyanov. During the event, Olga Buzova asked the audience whether her complete musical career. After reviewing the reaction of the audience, the girl ironically commented on it.

Last night in Moscow hosted a presentation of the musical award “the New radio” “major League,” which handed out awards to stars of the Russian show-business. The event was marked by many celebrities, including Svetlana Loboda, Sergey Lazarev, Polina Gagarina, Sergei Zhukov, Diana, Ani Lorak, Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, Nastya Kamensky, Max Barsky and others.

Leading the ceremony were Olga Buzova and Roman Emelyanov. First, the aspiring singer appeared in a red dress with a fluffy skirt. The appearance Buzova caused excitement among the audience. They shouted the lyrics of Olga and supported her with applause. The star even a little embarrassed to such hype. The girl described your look as “elegant classic.” Fans were delighted from the appearance Buzova. “Luxury Princess”, “Gorgeous”, “You look very handsome”, “Adorable”, “Goddess”, “Stunning”, “Super”, “Good”, is discussed in the Network.

Then she changed outfits. When the girl came on stage with Roman Emelyanov, she shone in a long black dress with sheer skirt. During the event was not without humor. Co-host Buzova made a joke about her vocal. Joining the fray with Emelyanov, Olga decided to go to the hall. The star asked the audience whether they want to see her gone from the scene. Suddenly, the crowd shouted “Yes!” Buzova explained when it happens.

“Okay. I agree. I right now if you don’t Wake up to the sounds of kissing, open the world of other men… Right now, here, I come offstage. I finish my solo career! – said Olga. – But I will do it only when I will get all premiums that exist in Russia, in America and in Europe. Because, as he said in one publishing house, I am the first artist who began to withdraw Russian music on the world level.”

Hall met words Buzova applause. The audience appreciated the irony of the girl and found that she did the right thing. Olga herself added that are not against to represent the country at the Eurovision song contest. By the way, not so long ago Buzova set a record at international level – service “Instagram” announced that the stories the stars look down more people than moments in the life of Kim Kardashian. Internet users suggested that the ol “beat it” American counterpart due to the number of posts. If Buzova puts in day dozens of clips and photos, the wife of Kanye West can update stories a couple of times a day.

After the ceremony the “major League” Olga greeted the audience and congratulated the stars receiving the coveted awards.

“Today I was leading, though young, but already very significant and prestigious award in our country. Together with Roman Emelyanov we have created a wonderful and, I hope, unforgettable for you and for him tandem. I heartily congratulate all the artists with awards, and “New radio” happy birthday” – shared Buzova.