Olga Buzova explained the reason for the cancellation of his concert

Ольга Бузова объяснила причину отмены своего концерта
Currently, Olga Buzova travels through the cities of Russia with solo concerts.

Ольга Бузова объяснила причину отмены своего концерта

The recent performance of Olga in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk was canceled due to weather conditions. The presenter failed to arrive there, as Tracy was delayed and she decided to apologize to his fans.

Ольга Бузова объяснила причину отмены своего концерта

“I unfortunately can’t at this time fly to you for reasons beyond my control. Our aircraft do not provide the ability to fly due to literally zero visibility. And to my huge regret, but the concert tonight will have to cancel . I fought and demanded to send us at least some way to you, but it was impossible. The money for purchased tickets will be returned to you at the box office, where you got them. I’m sorry, but my desire to be with you today, is powerless against weather conditions. I believe that I can fly to you very soon. My heart is broken, I wanted to show you my show #ozvuchivali and stay warm in this cold with you to your favorite songs,” – said Buzova.

Recall that recently also was canceled concert of Olga in Saratov, but it happened due to numerous protests.

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