Olga Buzova explained before Maxim Galkin

Ольга Бузова объяснилась перед Максимом Галкиным The presenter responded to a post of the comedian. On Saturday, Maxim Galkin, wrote the poem in French for Olga Buzova. As noted by netizens, so he supported the star. The celebrity has decided not to lag behind the showman and released the video.

The appearance of Olga Buzova on the awards ceremony MUZ-TV became one of the most talked-about events this week. Despite the fact that the artist did not win the award for “Breakthrough of the year”, she remembered the audience with his performance. The girl thanked the audience, barely holding back tears, and hugged Maxim Galkin, taking away his microphone, to sing a few lines of his composition.

The showman could not remain indifferent to the situation and supported the Olga poems of Baudelaire, who appeared in his microblog on the morning after the awards. Buzova not strong in French, so, recording the response of the comedian, she switched to German. Maxim Galkin gave an assessment of the behavior of Olga Buzova on MUZ-TV

“Overwhelmed with emotions after Maxim Galkin wrote me poems in French, I want to say to him, every loss leaves a scar but makes you stronger. With all due respect to you and your work, Maxim. Olga Buzova,” said the actress in the video.

In the address the girl gave to understand had a lot of pain, so it became very emotional and could not hold back tears at the ceremony at the Olympic stadium. Most followers Buzova support of my favourites and waiting for her new songs. “Good for you! A decent answer!” “Olga, you’re the best! And nobody compares!”, “Well done! Do not give anyone the rest, thank Buzovoy”, “Galkin did not realize how even more popular given Ola. Not to speak, but after MUZ-TV not many of whom do not speak about Olga”, “I support you always! You are bright, talented girl, very smart! The people love you, so there!” – said members.

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Recall that His first time was present at the ceremony MUZ-TV, so she wanted to impress guests and presenters. “I thought through every detail. I am in the image of the goddess of beauty and love. The goddess Aphrodite, which came out of the foam. In our show business so much foam and sharks trying to bite me, and I decided to remind everyone that I’m a woman,” said the actress, posting videos from the event.