Olga Buzova disgraced the intelligent testing Ivan Urgant

Ольга Бузова опозорилась на интеллектуальном тестировании Ивана Урганта
The presenter does not know what the DPRK, and in the English admits gross errors.

Olga Buzova, Ivan Urgant

Olga Buzova, who became the heroine of the next
edition of the show “Evening Urgant”, caused a lot of noise. The Network is not
the debate continues, so does the presenter uneducated as he wants
to show it, or is it just for show? The air show “Evening Urgant” began with the fact that
Olga asked the question to the host of the show. “Did you know, Ivan, that at sunset
of his career you are lucky enough to work with me?” — playfully asked him

Ivan Urgant is
time drinking tea. This is perhaps the first broadcast in the career of the presenter when he
was silent thirty seconds, not knowing what to say. “Why am I silent? — he finally said. Thought all this time where I was better to spit in a Cup or on you?” Soon, Ivan was able
revenge Buzova. Olga began to tell him that the show “womanish revolt”,
who is Olga with co-host leads to the First, she was very smart and now
has a variety of information. “I even know the name of the leader of North Korea! “How
DPRK stands for, you know?” — asked Ivan. “Chinese people’s democratic Republic!
exclaimed Buzova and triumphantly pointed at the presenter. “Korean, Olga”,
sigh Urgant. “Well, I must conform to his image, — joked
Buzova. However, the snowball has been launched. In the Network for a third straight day to discuss
bad education TV presenter, simultaneously remembering that she went to school in
five years, graduated with honors, and then received a diploma in
University. Remarkably, finished the girl with a difference… the faculty of geography!

Knowledge of English also showed a bit of a hole. Despite the assurances of the singer, that she speaks the language perfectly, she was unable to translate the phrase, which is converted by high-school students, and the phrase, available second-graders: “This is a table” made a serious mistake, missing the indefinite article. This is table! — savoring a new expression, repeated Ivan and thought for a long time…