Olga Buzova declared himself the richest bride Russia

Ольга Бузова объявила себя самой богатой невестой России
The singer commented on the female version of “the Bachelor” with her in the lead role.

Olga Buzova

On the previous day’s press conference dedicated to the launch
project Buzcoin, Olga Buzova told about his future
participation in the new show on channel TNT “Marry Buzova”. Olga Buzova for the first time officially confirmed that it will provide a month of
your busy schedule to take part in a new show.

“For the first time on television, launched this kind of project. Not
thought I would have to say this, but I used to be honest with you.
More than a year I am one, and I can honestly say that I am not a robot, I’m a girl
I’m a woman, but many, unfortunately, forget about it, — shared His. —
If you think I can be without love all his life, it is not so. I
I want to love, want to love me for who I am. Love me
this is not as Olga Buzova, and as a woman. I never thought that at 32,
being on the same level as now, I have to admit that no man
next, they were not since my personal drama. So. In my opinion, this is
some kind of problem. And since I have absolutely no time for personal life (I
constantly on tour, do business and new projects), I decided to give
your consent to participate in the new show on channel TNT, where would I look for your love”.

The singer stressed that she needs a man without diapers,
which is true: the brave, strong, loyal, smart. “This is for me
a gamble, a risk, but I really want to be happy and loved, and maybe this
the project will give it all to me. It is not a secret, this summer I will take part in the show
where men will have the opportunity to compete for my heart. Casting is already underway,” commented

The actress said that after start Buzar, she will be the richest woman in Russia. “I think I even weaned
flirt. For me, the experiment, new. What can I expect from this show. I want
to hold hands, I want to be kissed. Want to hear the words “I love you”
I’d like to say it.”

We will remind, the channel, announcing the casting, presented to
potential participants in the project enough
stringent requirements. This is sure
must be ambitious and accomplished (read: wealthy) men from 18 to
40. Of course, they may not be joined in marriage. Preferred
professions Olga had the following to say: the creative personality and office workers
athletes, startups, military, members of the reality show, research workers, pros.
In addition, an interactive questionnaire men have to give a link to
your account in any social network to which they belong. Editors will
to evaluate the “interestingness” of the character, and then show Buzova, which
they say, on social networks, “the dog ate”. TNT takes matters into his own hands, what happens in the show will always be Olga’s surprise. Each issue of the project and a date will appear in a new city, in new locations, with new circumstances. To the main character it was easier to distinguish genuine contenders for her heart from the false adventurers, the creators of the project came up with a special kind of checking of all the participants, which so far kept secret.