Olga Buzova decided to write a book about love

Ольга Бузова решила написать книгу о любви

After the successful release of publications about fashion and food leading “House – 2” was going to take up a love affair.

It seems that Olga Buzova so accustomed to the role in the TV series “Poor people” that can’t get out of it. She needed to take up writing books on the set, as she announced: “Now I will write a book in real life. I very long went to this… And now came the moment when I can no longer remain silent”.

Fans immediately showered Olga with questions: “what book?”, “When he goes?”, “Where to buy?”. But the popular TV presenter did not disclose all the details of his plan. Although we suspect that, most likely, the manuscript will be about love.

And no wonder! Olga wrote about fashion and beauty. It’s time to share with the public on a personal level.

In the meantime…

Full swing work on the publication of the manuscript, Yulia Baranovskaya. Popular TV presenter, recall that in his book he shared his love story with ex-husband, footballer Andrey Arshavin.

“This book is about football?.. About my life?.. Not only. It will be stories that I never told before, thinking about the events in the life of my family… I Remember once, when Andrew had just moved to Arsenal, we were invited to a reception at a restaurant – quoted Yulia the website “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. — Andrew was awarded the football prize, the hall was attended by the Arsenal players, members of the Royal family… Sitting at the table of the luxurious restaurant, I looked out the window on a winter night London suddenly and clearly remembered how the same winter many years ago, too was happy, though, for another reason. Before my eyes appeared a picture: a little schoolgirl, I’m standing in a long line at St. Petersburg store, clutching a stack of coupons for pasta for the whole family” (read more HERE).

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