Olga Buzova decided to talk about criticism

Ольга Бузова решила рассказать о критике в свой адрес
TV presenter Olga Buzova now very popular on the Internet.

Ольга Бузова решила рассказать о критике в свой адрес

On her page signed by more than 9 million people.

Recently Olga wrote an article for the magazine where he told about his attitude to the Internet, criticized in his address.

According to Buzova, it is very important the opinion of her fans, she tries to read the comments.

But, of course, can not do without the negativity that some members are not shy to openly Express in the first round.

“Some say the Internet is evil. But I am convinced that evil is a kind of freedom and liberty. Who flood Facebook with their posts about how bad it is, and what all needs to be changed, but I continue to lie on the couch and live on the wages of mothers or wives, and all with more joy pour out his venom in the comments in our social media and news portals – insulting writing and fantasizing,” shared the star.

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