Olga Buzova copies Natalya Andreychenko

Ольга Бузова копирует Наталью Андрейченко The actress participated in the filming of the Christmas lights. Olga Buzova was reincarnated in Mary Poppins. The audience of channel STS will hear the famous song “the perfect Lady” performed by the young singer.

Many Russian stars are getting ready to celebrate the New year. Some celebrities decided to spend the holiday at work, so agreed to performances at corporate events or participation in programs. 2017 was very successful for Olga Buzova. She began to conquer the pop scene, releasing hits that sing hundreds of people during her solo concerts. The girl repeatedly stated that they are ready to work even for the New year.

“Because I’m an artist, I have no family, ideal if going to work,” said Olga.

The festive show of the channel STS, the shooting of which took place the other day that she could see from the two images. Together with other artists, Sergey Lazarev and Irina Dubtsova and Olga sang a song about a dog – a symbol of next year. For this performance she wore a short gold dress.

Celebrities took to the site Pets. Olga told that the Yorkshire Terrier eve and Spitz Chelsea often accompanied her on set. “Today they are well behaved, but very nervous. In General, I need them! You know, the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, and the way to the heart of Olga Buzova – through dogs,” said star. Have Pets Buzova even have an account in Instagram, followed by 79 000 subscribers.

However, the most vivid way Buzova on the set was the costume of Mary Poppins. Olga picked up a blue dress and a hat similar to things Natalia Andreichenko in the famous film. “Song “the perfect Lady” is so perfect for me. Who if not I could sing?” – joked Olga.

Recall that at the end of last week Olga pleased fans with a new video for the song “Wrong”. In the video, the actress has appeared in provocative outfits, which perfectly emphasized her slender figure. Fans were delighted with the news and praised the young singer, leaving flattering comments on social networks.

“I shot this video in Los Angeles this summer! The video is really bright and sexy, personally I have this clip evokes positive emotions and the desire to finally fall in love. And while I am all wrong together with you,” said His fans.