Ольга Бузова продолжает мучить Романа Гриценко
It is already known that Olga Buzova itself had this relationship with Gritsenko for raising the ratings of the show and in this novel, no one believes, but Olya is sometimes forgotten and continues to play a play about love.

Ольга Бузова продолжает мучить Романа Гриценко

So on the eve of the network appeared in a short video, where the recording of the live “Calvary” Buzova recalls Gritsenko, uttering a few strange phrases:

“I just didn’t know honestly that there was something more. The next day he called me and the voice message is sent that the leading… Well, okay.”

After that Olga tried to start the show, but not keeping emotions ran.

Apparently, all this goes to show that she really Harbor feelings for Hrytsenko, but what if the “Married with Buzova”? And on the show “Dances”, which started yesterday, Olga was openly hitting on one of the dancers, inviting to your project.

So, she wants all of them, but haven’t had sex in two years…