Ольга Бузова поздравила босса
CEO of TNT Artur Janibekyan received the Grand Prix.

Artur Janibekyan

Olga Buzova was one of the first congratulated by their boss Arthur Janibekyan with the award. “Ahh! It’s cool! CEO
company GPM RTV and TNT, very respected by me Artur Janibekyan
received the Grand Prix award “media Manager of the 2018″! Congratulations on the well deserved award,
boss!”, — wrote the star on his page in the social network. Arthur also congratulated Ksenia Borodina,
Mikhail Galustyan, Semyon Slepakov,

Garik Martirosyan, Pavel Volya and other stars.

Of Janibekyan awarded at the next ceremony of the National
the award “media Manager of Russia” which is awarded in Moscow for 18 years and is
one of the most coveted awards in the field of media business. After receiving the award, Arzumanyan said, “I want all of you
thank you. Thank you all respected me creative and not creative people
all this time around me and the projects I’ve worked on. Started
I have Roman Petrenko with Garik Martirosyan, and then there was Semyon Slepakov,
Glory Dosmukhametov (General producer of TV channel TNT). Thank you, guys!”