Ольга Бузова комплексует по поводу внешности TV presenter admitted that she is not the ideal beauty. Olga Buzova requests to terminate waged against her in a campaign to expose her true face. The star admitted that uses filters to make them look better in the pictures in the microblog, but global problems with skin condition it does not.

      Leading reality show “Dom-2”, fashion designer and writer Olga Buzova, being a popular character on the Internet, perhaps the most famous of the girls criticized and attacked haters. Vocals Olga Buzova harshly criticized the Network

      As a rule, the media personality tries not to react to evil attacks in the address and leaves unanswered comments of detractors. But one of their recent antics finally forced Olga Buzova to say its weighty word.

      Not so long ago some citizens launched a campaign to expose the exterior of the star by posting her best shots. To pass such a brazen attack in her address Buzova could not have recorded a video message dedicated to the spiteful critics, in which she admits that she does not consider herself a beauty, but the owner of the ordinary appearance, too. Olga demanded an end to the persecution unleashed against her spiteful critics.

      “Recently, the Internet began to appear terrible my photos with terrible photoshop. On them I have some problems on the face. I don’t understand what these people are doing nothing. Though I have now and the tone is small, and I’m certainly not perfect and beautiful, but problems with the face, I have no access. And even if it was, I believe it’s a sin, so to humiliate a person. I, like any girl use filters, in order that the pictures were more colorful. But it seems to me, and without them nothing is in the film says Olga Buzova, urging them to be kinder.

      Those who saw this post Buzova, it may give the impression that she’s not that self-confident girl. On the contrary, Olga suffered from the fact that about it write and speak. Realizing this, fans of the stars “House-2” began to do her self esteem boosting compliments.

      “Olga, it is envy! You look beautiful!”, “So how many photos on the beach without make and it is clear that with a face all right, “Olga, are just jealous, trust me! You’re good, so you come up with any nonsense”. “Olga, you’re beautiful, and the ideal saw in you the most important person is your husband Dmitry Tarasov”, “Someone crossed the road”, – Express their views subscribers microblog Olga Buzova.

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