Olga Buzova clarified the rumors of a secret relationship with the oligarch

Ольга Бузова прояснила слухи о тайной связи с олигархом The presenter came true for a luxury vacation in Monaco and fly on a private jet. Trip Olga Buzova abroad sparked discussion on the Internet. Some social media users suggested that the sponsor of the travel star became a married billionaire.

The television personality and aspiring singer Olga Buzova went on vacation in Monaco. In the microblog star appeared photos taken on the French Riviera – one of the most luxurious places in Europe. The celebrity’s having a wonderful time abroad – she’s off in Nightclubs and sunbathing on the private beaches. Envious then suggested that the trip Buzova abroad – the gift of a mysterious admirer. The Network even got the name of a possible sponsor of a star – some users suggested that they became a married businessman, owner of the billion-dollar status.

Olga Buzova shikuet in Monaco

Journalists contacted Olga Buzova to comment on the situation. The presenter has denied the speculation that she is resting with the oligarch. According to celebrity, she earns enough to afford a luxury holiday, including flights on a private jet. As assured the star of the media, she went abroad with her. Buzova also noted that wonders about rumors that are actively discussed on the Internet.

“I don’t know why everyone was so surprised at my flight on a private Board… Why invent fiction? We flew with the girls for a couple of days, eat oysters and walk around Monaco. I work around the clock – can afford such a vacation!” – said Olga.

Note also that the discussion of envious steel posts celebrity on Instagram that she was accompanied by the hashtags “thank you” and “I now it’s just necessary.” However, in another article, Olga gave to understand that until I met other half. “I’m staying… This… I’m strong and happy one not afraid to be… And this whole world is out to me…” – shared the star, quoting his hit “Little half”.

Fans Buzova support numerous comments that expressed the hope that she will find happiness in his personal life. According to them, Olga looks great. “So feminine”, “Cool, no one listen, keep it up”, “Stylish”, “Chic”, “Bomb” – was discussed by the subscribers of the presenter.

Add that Olga Buzova continues to storm the charts. The recently published composition of a star called “Little half” easily entered the lists of the most popular songs of Russian performers. In addition, the celebrity began to conquer foreign show business: Olga Shlyager broke into the top 170 European iTunes. Fans Buzova say that she works a lot. During the meeting with journalists Life.ru the media personality pointed out that before could afford to travel in a private jet.