Ольгу Бузову подловили на измене
Olga Buzova always telling what she’s trustworthy friend, and in those days, when Dmitry Tarasov was cheating on her, she didn’t believe and always remained loyal to the family.

Ольгу Бузову подловили на измене

But as it turned out, and for Olga sins. Back in the days when she was a member of the project House 2 and playing the love with Roman Tretyakov, she had already met in parallel with Timothy Mayorov.

About this unobtrusive announced Rustam Solntsev, posting a goodbye scene Buzova with Tretyakov. The assurances Solntseva, this scene was shot three times, while Olga was finally able to squeeze out a tear. To the Novel she was no longer the case – she met Timothy.

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