Olga Buzova can no longer remain silent

Ольга Бузова больше не может молчать The TV star told followers that he plans to write his first work. Leading did not disclose details about the future masterpiece, but has shown that beginning to work on it, put the photo with the laptop.

      Ольга Бузова больше не может молчать

      Olga Buzova not cease to surprise fans of his many talents. 30-year-old star announced on the page on the social network that will soon release a book.

      “Started writing the book. I am very long this was going on, and now came the moment when I can no longer remain silent,” said Olga posted under the photo with the laptop.

      Fans of the star took the news with mixed. Some have suggested that the TV presenter was inspired by the filming of the movie series “Poor people” in which her character in the story was instructed to write his work of simple St. Petersburg author. Others began to speculate on what the book is leading reality show “Dom-2”: memoirs or revelations on how to keep a man.

      Olga Buzova managed to try himself in different professions. The star has acted in the role of designer clothes, and started acting in movies. In the TV series “Poor people,” she played herself. According to Olga, her character is exaggerated character, she’s not like that in life.

      Olga Buzova: “For the role ready to shave my head”

      “I know how to laugh at themselves. Immediately warn you – in the series I played Olga Buzova. Yes, played, because my image was somewhat exaggerated, exaggerated to create the desired effect. In the film played up my popularity, and how I react to the outside world. In the series I don’t play myself because it’s all the same character, the image which was edited by the writers,” said leading in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.

      By the way, loves His luxurious life, so never refuses projects that can bring additional money. This desire Olga relates to the fact that her childhood had been taught that in order to get what you want, you have to work. According to the presenter, she had to wash the floors, to buy the first pair of branded jeans. Now the star can afford to let a lot, but her character has not changed and the famous blonde is ready to take on something new, if this business will bring revenue.

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