Olga Buzova can be a heroine is a female version of “the Bachelor”

Ольга Бузова может стать героиней женской версии «Холостяка» According to some, television personality and aspiring singer will take part in a new project. Allegedly, Olga Buzova will look for the groom. Is the celebrity has not yet confirmed the information publicized on the Network.
Ольга Бузова может стать героиней женской версии «Холостяка»

TV presenter, designer and aspiring singer Olga Buzova is one of the most enviable brides in the domestic show-business. After the star broke up with her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov, she is regularly credited with new novels. Olga herself does not hide that wants to find a man who will surround her with care and attention.

Recently in the Network appeared rumors that His character will be the female counterpart of the Bachelor. About this in his Telegram channel said the writer and producer Lisa Astakhova.

“Feminism in Russia begins a difficult journey! I must say that TNT did well to go against the wind,” she said.

According to some, along with Buzova in the project will be dancer Anton Panufnik and singer Alina Grosu. Whether this is so, is not known. The representatives of the channel TNT broadcast that is “the Bachelor”, chose to refrain from commenting about the rumor that is gaining popularity in the Network. Olga Buzova itself also does not confirm the speculation about his possible participation in the women’s version of the program.

Fans of TV presenter hope that she will again find happiness in his personal life. They suggest Olga not to give up and go forward, no matter what. In an interview Buzova admitted that he is not afraid of loneliness.

“Last summer, not once cried, thought about life and wondered, “why is no one worthy person? What did I do wrong?” And then somehow calmed down and realized that it’s not so bad. I can develop yourself and work as much as I want and nobody will say anything. Now I’m no longer daunted by the prospect of loneliness. It might be for a very long time…” – said Olga “StarHit”.

According to Buzova, her bar is pretty high in relation to the stronger sex. “Mediocre option from the category of “inferior Yes, my” won’t do. It is better to be alone than with just anyone. Want it to happen like in a fairy tale: rode the Prince on a white horse, and I lost my head. Do not agree for less,” added the celebrity.

Recall that in early June showed the finale of the sixth season of “the Bachelor,” the hero of which was Ilya Glinnikov. Star of TV series “Interns” found love thanks to the project. The choice of actor fell on Catherine Nikulin. Young people are building big plans for the future. According to some reports, in November, will begin shooting the continuation of the show. This time the girls have to fight for the heart of Yegor creed. Egor creed became the new “Bachelor” on TNT