Olga Buzova called the main mistake in your marriage

Ольга Бузова назвала главную ошибку в своем браке Leading was the guest of Alla Dovlatova. In the broadcast of the popular radio program Olga told about the work and future plans. Recently, the star has revised his views on life. According to Buzova, she realized that it is not necessary to impose the personal on display to the public.

      Wednesday evening Olga Buzova became the guest of Alla Dovlatova. The air of “Russian radio” presenter presented their new track “the sounds of kisses” and gave a short interview. Dovlatov supported the work of colleagues and learning from them about plans for the future. At the moment she works from early morning to evening. In recognition of Buzova, she is not getting enough sleep. The star of “House-2” also has told that is going through a difficult period.

      Fans of Olga Buzova made a large-scale flashmob in support of

      “I was and am happy. It seems to me, in connection with the recent events I don’t have enough. In the last month I don’t sleep at all. I live on inspiration. Sleep an hour or two a day. My brain is working around the clock. The role, design, song, work on TV, live…” he told His radio audience.

      Alla Dovlatov noticed that when Olga everything will work out in your personal life, she will tell you about it. However, the TV presenter is not so sure. Buzova admitted that eventually realized a few simple truths. One of them says that it is better not to make personal on display to the public. In addition, Olga explained the change of image. According to her, it was an unplanned act. So Buzova vowed not to make promises.

      “Happiness loves silence, I realized this too late, but actually it is. Maybe someday I will come (on a visit to Alla Dovlatova – Approx.) and you just know. And do not even have to speak. Because sometimes silence says much more than words. Words are just words. Important thing in life things. My first rule is – happiness loves silence. Second – never say never. And the third rule – keep close people who need you. I said “never”, but I repainted because I felt. And I don’t regret anything”, – said the presenter.

      Note that once aired on “Russian radio” some Internet users criticized the song Buzova and wrote the opinion in comments to the publications of Alla Dovlatova in her Instagram. The radio host stood up for the colleague. “She has contributed. There are plenty of hardworking people who are successful. Let us honour them for that! No one wonders why popular Dmitriy Nagiev… Olga is no different from Dima. The same pressure and hard work,” commented the radio.