Olga Buzova butted into the conflict Timati with MUZ-TV

Ольга Бузова встряла в конфликт Тимати с МУЗ-ТВ
The TV star is sure that the scandal broke because of her.

Olga Buzova and Timothy

Photo: Social networks

Olga Buzova said that the scandal with Timothy MUZ-TV, has recently broken out, is directly associated with her. According to the TV star, rapper “hooked” that Olga left June 8 “Olympic” the award. Timothy did not have “plates” MUZ-TV, which criticized the General producer of the channel — Arman Davletyarova.

“I love intelligent, loyal and decent men. I don’t about Timothy,” wrote Olga in the social network. Timothy Davletyarova yet ignore the statement Buzova. And fans of the stars “House-2” are sure that she knowingly got into a conflict rapper with channel…

The fact that Timothy and not even mentioned Olga devastating in their publications. In them it was about the fact that Davletyarov deprived of the rapper in this year’s awards because he allegedly refused to perform for free at events MUZ-TV. Timothy expressly stated that the victory in the nominations “the Treaty”, that is the real merit of the artists in the selection of the winner in the category not taken into account. In the end “plates” receive the same performers, who is in good relations with Davletyarova.

Interestingly, until this year, Timothy chose to remain silent and was glad to leave the annual ceremony with armfuls of awards. Rumor has it that the rapper didn’t just set out to criticize MUZ-TV. On the assumption of users of the Network, Timothy intends to start his own music award and this eliminates competition.