Olga Buzova burst into tears, talking about the former spouse

Ольга Бузова разревелась, рассказывая о бывшем супруге The artist still hurt from thinking about the ex-husband. Olga Buzova admits that it was unpleasant for her to remember and answer questions about Dmitry Tarasov. She is always sincere in the expression of emotions, and therefore is not ashamed of his tears.

TV presenter Olga Buzova divorced footballer Dmitry Tarasov in December 2016. She did not hide that it was hard for her to accept such changes in their lives. The actress was hoping that she got married once and for life, but fate decreed otherwise.

After a loud divorce Buzova career went sharply uphill. She started to produce songs that resonate in the hearts of millions, the artist did not spare himself, and fully immersed himself in work.

Despite the fact that since the separation of the pair it has been almost a year and a half, Olga is still difficult to talk about Dimitri. In conversation with Vasily Vakulenko, better known as rapper Basta, she was unable to restrain his emotions, when I started to talk about the possible revenge the former spouse.

“I never wanted to hurt, and probably will not. All the pain I experience in myself, I do not go with the aggression in people. Even when I get dumped, humiliated, insulted, I do not take revenge answer them publicly. I still worry yourself,” said Olga through her tears.

Ex-husband Buzovoy long sad and alone after breaking up with his wife. Soon he began an affair with model Anastasia Kostenko. In January, the couple got married, and soon they said that you’re expecting. The girl should be born this summer.

Olga did not hide the fact that she is unpleasant to talk about the happy personal life of the ex-spouse.

“So much time has passed, I try not to speak on the subject. When I say, I start to cry,” admitted the singer and TV presenter.

Itself Buzova not seeking to rush into a new relationship. The actress is showered with gifts of influential suitors, however, while Olga is in no hurry. Not so long ago she was resting in the company of resident Сomedy Club Timur Batrutdinova. And recently it became known that she is a heroine of the television project in which dozens of men will try to win her heart.