Olga Buzova burst into tears in the program

Ольга Бузова расплакалась в эфире программы The presenter was unable to cope with the emotions in the transmission of Stas Kostushkin “Very cariocan”. A young woman going through a difficult period in her life and she is still hard to talk about what is bothering her. To a greater extent star nasty harassment from colleagues and users on the Network.

      Ольга Бузова расплакалась в эфире программы

      Olga Buzova is the center of attention for several weeks. For anybody not a secret that the TV host is undergoing a failure in his personal life. Around their divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov and then there are a lot of rumors and gossip. But celebrity does not give up. Recently, she radically changed her image, has released a new song that was in the top of the music charts less than a month. However, many colleagues and friends Buzova turned away from her without offering any help. Talking about this the leading program Stas Kostyushkin, Olga Buzova failed to control my emotions and started crying, which caused sincere sympathy of the singer.

      Father Buzova stood up for her in a scandal with Tarasov

      Seeing how hard the star to remember unpleasant things and to talk about problems, he began to calm down Buzova, saying that she should not give up and must continue to evolve to the envy of its peers and detractors. According to the artist, Olga – a bright personality, why it is chained. And, according to Stas, it is not surprising that many are skeptical responded to the desire of the stars “House-2” to be a singer.

      Ольга Бузова расплакалась в эфире программы“I do in this life, honestly I want to tell you, not one person did a bad thing, really. I avoid it hurt. I do not wish anyone harm, and how much you hate me, I still don’t understand really,” said the star in the program.

      Touched Olga Buzova made Stas Kostushkin to change the subject to the leading was more comfortable to communicate. In casual conversation they discussed plans for the future celebrity. She said that not yet thought to build a serious career of the singer. It is important to note that Buzova not found response among close friends when I was working on the song “kissing noises”. Almost all turned away from her and did not support. It touched a celebrity, but she didn’t give up with the job. Olga admits that they suffer persecution from other artists, but tries not to dwell on it.

      Recall that the star recently bought a new car, that caused a lively reaction on her page on the social network. Many have not had time to depart after a radical change of image of celebrity, that already has subscribers new surprises. Anyway, Olga does not lose time, and actively acted in films, leads the esters in the “House-2” and participates in various television programs. Olga Buzova boasted luxury cars

      “I don’t want to talk about the bad, I think you need to think positively. Have to agree think positive”, – said Buzova.