Olga Buzova broke down in tears, talking about the divorce

Ольга Бузова разрыдалась, рассказывая о разводе
The TV presenter made his debut in “Pioneer readings”.

Olga Buzova

Yesterday was the “Pioneer readings” of the magazine “Russian pioneer”, devoted to the theme “Home”. Traditionally, the authors of the columns read from the stage his texts. In a number of columnists came in and Olga Buzova, for which “Reading” of steel debut: column the presenter was very personal. In it she described how in one moment can remain without homes and without family.

It is not surprising that, telling the audience about her tragedy in the family from the scene, His tears. “With 18 years I became accustomed to the publicity, quietly, swallowing his tears, said Olga. But in this situation I wanted to hide. Had terrible move. I looked at a million homes, but not one I didn’t like, and finally found his home. This is my harbour. My fortress where I can hide from everyone”…

We will remind, Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov has divorced on new year’s eve — on 30 December. Problems between the two stars started much earlier. The first suspicions that Buzova and her husband ran a “black cat”, appeared after Olga had suddenly ceased to publish a joint photo with Dmitry, which accounted for about 70 percent of all contact’s personal page stars. Then came the rumors that Tarasov started a relationship with model Anastasia Kostenko. At the time of the scandal connected with the appearance of the mistress at Tarasova, Buzova flew with a friend to Spain, and there are reporters photographed Olga sobbing inconsolably. However, no comments about his personal life, she never gave.