Ольга Бузова купила хлебозавод в Подмосковье The artist tries his hand in different business sectors. Olga Buzova not regret forces and time for new projects. Recently in Moscow has opened her restaurant, which soon will be served bread, produced in its own factory.
Ольга Бузова купила хлебозавод в Подмосковье

Recently Olga Buzova not only sings, but also engaged in business: opened a restaurant in the center of Moscow, is about to launch a line of personalized chocolate. And in the fall will begin to bake bread – Buzova acquired a large company in the suburbs.

“Bakery products are always in demand, – has shared with “StarHit” the 32-year-old Olga. – Because the majority of Russians can not imagine life without them. My product will meet all the requirements is a delicious, nutritious and, most importantly, useful. We plan to produce several types: black, grey and grain – cereals and bran. First try it would be in my restaurant BuzFood. Perhaps the product will appear on the shelves of conventional stores, but while this issue is under negotiation”.

Ольга Бузова купила хлебозавод в Подмосковье

However, the celebrity develops their projects not only in the area of cooking – this year it introduced its own cryptocurrency BuzCoin, and for several years working as a designer of her clothing line. But soon she breaks up with numerous matters and concerns to meet her lover. Soon will start the project “Marry Buzova”, where the artist will select the most worthy candidates for her hand and heart.

“Participation in this show is the most crazy thing in my life! And I can’t even call this a project just for show. I’m tired of being alone I want love, I want to feel just a girl achieve wooing you love. Sincerely and without any conditionalities. If I can make it this time will show”, – confessed Olga Buzova “StarHit”.

TV presenter and singer has repeatedly said that trying to occupy all my free time matters, not to feel lonely. But if her life will be a worthy knight, she is ready to abandon the daily routine, to slow down the frenzied pace of life to spend time along with your loved ones. Buzova admits that her divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov left in her soul a deep wound, but after almost two years she is ready for a new relationship and believes in true love.