Olga Buzova boasted a gorgeous gift from a fan

Ольга Бузова похвасталась шикарным подарком от поклонника A mysterious admirer continues to provide the presenter with attention. Fans of Olga Buzova believe that the man, who wished to remain anonymous, set up very seriously in relation to it. He spared no expense to please the girl.
Ольга Бузова похвасталась шикарным подарком от поклонника

Television personality and aspiring singer Olga Buzova not cease to intrigue the public. Recently, the celebrity showed luxurious ring with diamonds. Fans of the girls came to the conclusion that she got a present from a wealthy suitor. After some time again Buzova boasted a gorgeous gift. This time she won the gold watch.

Olga Buzova was intrigued by a luxurious ring with diamonds

Photo accessory has appeared in the section of stories of Instagram Olga. “Thank you,” with these words she signed the frame. About how much of a fan Buzova cost such a gift, we can only guess. Fans of the TV presenter was impressed with such a token. After analyzing footage from social networks, they came to the conclusion that Buzova presented thing famous Swiss brand, specializing in the production of watches to the luxury segment. Prices for its products, inlaid with precious stones, may run into six-figure sums.

Ольга Бузова похвасталась шикарным подарком от поклонника

At the same time, some fans Olga decided that the gift she made at work. It is known that Buzova — one of the most popular and successful presenters aspiring singer. Recently a celebrity was in the center of a scandal after the situation with the resident Comedy Club Andrey Skorokhod. So Buzova could get a present for the experienced inconveniences. The star was upset by the negative remarks of the comedian, who questioned the adequacy of her fans, and also like Andrew to condemned the girl comment. Later, the runner said that he accidentally put a mark “like”, and wasn’t going to insult his colleagues.

“I want to remind everyone the chronology of events: I posted a picture that someone thought it unfunny. I’m not offended Buzova. And the whole conflict I have with crazed pack of Insta-commentators”, — told Andriy in the microblog, wanting to avoid court by which he was threatened with Olga.

Walker also proposed Buzova resolve the misunderstanding between them is not in the legal plane, and arranging the verbal duel. “Cause you! Nurse Russian rap leaves on time front against pseudogap-hop. As long as you are blinded by the beauty of Creed Egorov and sweet voice brutal Mota in Russia subject to bootvirus, and if not to destroy this plague, to save in this country will have nothing,” said the comedian. However, not all serious about the next statement of Skorokhod.