Olga Buzova became the object of harassment by colleagues

Ольга Бузова стала объектом травли со стороны коллег New song presenter caused a heated discussion. Colleague Olga Buzova expressed contradictory opinions after I listen to “the sounds of kissing.” Some supported the talent of a celebrity, while others criticized her vocal.

      During the week a new song by Olga Buzova “the sounds of kisses” held in the top of iTunes in number of downloads. Uncomplicated motive, and memorable words touched many fans of the presenter. On the eve of the friends of Olga Temnikova Lena and Rita Dakota supported her efforts by posting funny videos. The wife of Vlad Sokolovsky sang the song Buzova, sitting in the car. In the caption she noted the persistence of the stars “House-2”.

      “In my life, amazing people, gained through field. One of those guys it’s Olga Buzova: positive, light and good. No, Olga is not a musician. No, she didn’t go to the designer, but her clothes are from Karaganda to Ulyanovsk. No, I guess she not a writer, but her books fly like hotcakes. If people do not cheat, if folk love an unexplained phenomenon, then why still so many g***and dirt flying into the address kind, strong, brave and such an open girl? If she wants to sing let her sing! If tomorrow wants to become a chef and open a restaurant, let the “saddle” yet another dream. Everyone has the right to do something that makes his life a broken wings of Lata and again raise above the gossip and aggressors,” wrote Dakota.

      Lena Temnikova also posted a video, which performs the song “the sounds of kisses” and congratulated Olga with success. The artist warned that it is not sung, however, the fans were pleased with her version.

      However, there were also those who felt that Buzova shouldn’t sing, as it does not have sufficient vocal data. Ex-participant of “the Voice” Katya Gordon believes that the presence on the stage Olga devalues the work of other artists. In the post she replied to Rita Dakota in her Eulogy, dedicated to the star of “House-2”

      “The musicians I long to write wonderful music, vocalists, including you, sing, and poets to write the coolest lyrics coming Buzova, in the morning decided I should sing and get the first place purely quantitatively, technically. And so, we explain chorus: But still. The sounds of kisses, we fall asleep and Wake up. (After the first lines it becomes apparent that His or her lyrical heroine woke up with your arm (while it is known that it is not Tarasov) in bed with at least another two. Because they woke up to the sounds of kissing. Kissing noises – it’s probably something slurp, postanawia, but this party, woke Buzova, did it once and loudly… it is Clear that itself Buzova was asleep, and we can not suspect it is that these squishing sounds uttered somnambulence she than you woke them all up…”, – commented on the hit Buzova Gordon, who writes songs, many representatives of show business.

      However the actress are unable to calm down after this post. She was so excited lyrics Olga that she even dedicated a poem Buzova.

      We will remind, earlier the song “the sounds of kissing” criticized the music editor of the “Voice” Aziz. “It’s not the Olga Buzova, she wanted, and sang like a million Naousa singers, and rightly so, and well done! In another case. People it downloads, and it’s scary… People really get pleasure from such music and sound,” said the woman in the microblog.